Daily Mail: Britain, Holland and US spearhead fightback against Putin’s cyber war as they reveal how Moscow’s web of hackers hit high-profile targets across the globe – including chemical weapons watchdog probing Salisbury attack

* US charges 7 Russian spies with crimes including hacking, identity theft and fraud using crypto-currencies
* British cyber security group accuses Russia’s GRU of at least four hacking attacks around the world
* Dutch authorities lift lid on operation to hack chemical weapons HQ in Netherlands in April
* Men were picked up with a cache of computer equipment, linking them to other incidents, and sent home
* US has released wanted poster featuring four Hague hackers and three others linked to anti-doping hacks
* GRU operatives – working under what US identified as Unit 26165 – created fake ‘hacktivist’ Fancy Bears group
* Russia faces storm of hacking allegations, but denies claims, calling latest evidence ‘big fantasies’

Russian hackers waged a four-year disinformation campaign against the west in which they obtained sensitive information from weapons watchdogs and anti-doping sports bodies, it emerged today.

Seven Kremlin agents working for the GRU are accused of hacking the records of 250 athletes from 30 countries as they travelled across the globe using the intelligence obtained to spread fake news designed to bolster President Vladimir Putin’s position on the world stage.

The targets included FIFA, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the 2016 US presidential race that resulted in the election of Donald Trump.


WNU Editor: The Kremlin responds …. Diplomat calls Netherlands’ ‘Russian cyber attack’ allegations ‘spy mania’ syndrome (TASS). More here …. Hacking accusations against Russia a smear campaign timed with NATO cyberwarfare meeting – diplomat (RT).

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